Self Portrait

Originally from the UK, my photography has fortunately taken me far and wide, and I’m now based in Wellington, New Zealand.

I first began professional photography in 2007 for various commercial clients, and adhering to strict photo-journalistic standards for minimal airbrushing.  So effectively, apart from a little dust removal, alignment & cropping, or mild exposure variation, the final image needed to closely match that from the camera.  This was thus the ‘style’ I continued with : composition prior to shooting, effective use of the available lights, and minimal editing.

Business continued to grow, with various commercial and private clients around the world.  I subsequently became a specialist for major dance events where there was no second chance to capture the image, whilst constantly adapting for rapid movement, pre-empting each shot, and having to contend with various lighting changes throughout each performance.   These events, combined with my passion for candid photography are what brought me to this point in my career.

I love finding new images to help capture a feeling, a moment, an expression, or a vision.  Working with the teams both in front and behind the camera to produce the desired output.

I’ve now moved to New Zealand , to develop my work in the film and TV industry as a stills photographer, and continue to travel around the world on assignments.